Complex Case Management

Minor Injury Management
Our experienced case managers work collaboratively with clients and their treating clinicians, employer and other stakeholders to coordinate evidence-based recovery services and facilitate their recovery and return to work.  

RTW Plus adopts a biopsychosocial approach to case management, ensuring that the client’s needs are fully understood and accommodated at home, work and in their wider social context. 

All our case managers are healthcare practitioners and/or vocational specialists with greater than 10 years’ experience of navigating, coordinating and influencing care pathways for clients with complex injuries and health conditions.

The aim of the case management process is to accelerate recovery and maximise the medical, psychological, social and vocational outcomes for clients who have sustained serious injuries. RTW Plus therefore operates a biopsychosocial model (Engel, 1977) of case management. This model ensures a whole-person approach to rehabilitation, leading to enhanced outcomes and cost reductions. 

Once a client’s rehabilitation needs have been identified through a suitable assessment, their dedicated case manager will work with them to expedite their recovery and help them to return to full function and vocational activity in the most expedient and cost-effective way. This is likely to involve: 

  • Agreeing rehabilitation goals and desired outcomes with the client and measuring progress against these 
  • Collaborating with NHS practitioners and establishing a bespoke inter-disciplinary team 
  • Coordinating evidence-based, private interventions, subject to need and funding availability 
  • Liaising with employers and other stakeholders to facilitate the client’s return to work 
  • Regular communication with the referring party(ies) to provide updates on the client’s progress 
  • Preparing update reports which are compliant with the Rehabilitation Code 2015 


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