Immediate Needs Assessment

As summarised by Dame Carol Black in the Working for a Healthier Tomorrow report (2008), early intervention “can result in good clinical outcomes, as well as a significant reduction in time spent off work”. The INA process enables early assessment and identification of the client’s needs and facilitates access to rehabilitation and support at the earliest opportunity, thus maximising their chances of regaining their independence and returning to employment. 

The INA forms the basis of a client’s rehabilitation programme. It enables the case manager to determine what support and rehabilitation measures the client requires in order for them to return as close as possible to the health status and lifestyle they enjoyed before the injury. We accept joint referrals under the Rehabilitation Code (2015) as well as single instructions from claimant solicitors. 

Upon receipt of a referral, the case manager will conduct a face-to-face assessment with the client and provide a detailed Immediate Needs Report to the instructing party(ies) within 21 working days.  

The Immediate Needs Report includes full details of the client’s injuries, symptoms and treatment to date as well as the impact of these on the client’s domestic and social circumstances, including employment. The report also includes a bespoke rehabilitation for the client, which includes: 

  • Details of the interventions and supports that the client would benefit from in the short to medium term 
  • The cost, timeframes and rationale for the recommended interventions and supports  
  • The client’s goals and anticipated clinical and return-to-work outcomes from the programme 
If the instructing party(ies) agree to the report recommendations, the client’s case manager will implement the proposed rehabilitation programme under our Case Management Services


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