Telephone Needs Assessment

Good work (The Good Work Commission) is known to have a positive impact on health and wellbeing and most common health problems can be accommodated at work with a flexible, collaborative approach and early intervention (Waddell & Burton, 2006). 

A Telephone Needs Assessment (TNA) is conducted by a specialist case manager. The case manager will assess the client’s ongoing health concerns, identify the barriers preventing their return to work and recommend a rehabilitation programme to expedite their return to full function and work productivity, resulting in significant cost savings for employers. Client’s undergoing Telephone Needs Assessment are likely to require further input from the case manager - via our Minor Injury Management (MIM) or Complex Case Management services - to facilitate their recovery, as demonstrated in the below case study.  

Case Study

Mr Smith was referred for a telephone assessment following his injury at work. He had been absent from work for over 4 months and had not spoken to his employer or line manager for over 2 months. 

RTW Plus undertook a telephone assessment and identified that he was keen to return to work, but displeased with the seeming lack of concern from work.  In addition, he was waiting for treatment within the NHS which we discovered was expected to be 8 weeks. 

The case manager liaised with the orthopaedic consultant to confirm bone healing and then arranged private physiotherapy to promote rehabilitation. Through regular follow up and dialogue with the physiotherapist, the case manager was able to discuss the functional job demands of Mr Smith with the physiotherapist to ensure that the focus of the rehab plan was on return to work. 

The case manager, with consent from Mr Smith, then discussed his functional limitations with the line manager and together they developed a graduated return to work plan. The return to work plan was approved by Mr Smith's orthopaedic consultant and within 10 weeks, Mr Smith was able to return to work on modified duties. 

Without early intervention from the case manager, Mr Smith's return to work would have been delayed by at least another 8 weeks costing an additional £3,400 in loss of earnings claim. For a rehabilitation cost of £875.00 the effective savings were £2525.00. 


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