Telephone Assessment and Rehabilitation Skills For AnEngagingComprehensiveOutcome-FocussedRehabilitation Session

Working from home and through telephone may be a new experience for many healthcare professionals (medical, physiotherapists, occupational therapists etc.) brought about by #coronavirus.

At first glance, clinicians may think that their face to face consultation experience will suffice for this purpose! But telephone assessments are completely different and carry their own specific risks for the patient and the clinicians!

If you are now embarking on telephonic services and think you would benefit from some professional guidance, RTW Plus are offering to share their expertise. The team from RTW Plus have been delivering telephone rehabilitation and remote interventions for 2 decades, so we put together a 2 hour training session that covers key aspects of telephone assessment and case management that you will find useful in your practice.

The session includes:

- Telephone Assessment Protocol
- Communication skills and conversation management
- Developing policies, procedures and systems
- Ethical and Legal Considerations
- 3 member panel discussion on risks and benefits of Telephone Rehabilitation

Normally this training would be £100.00, however in light of the current situation around #COVID19 and the need for quality telephone consultations, we are offering this training FREE. 

Presenter Profiles

Dr. Devdeep Ahuja

Devdeep is the Clinical Director for RTW Plus, a rehabilitation services company. Devdeep has been providing telephone rehabilitation programs since 2011. With his background in physiotherapy, Devdeep obtained a doctorate in physiotherapy focussed on adherence and behaviour change in outpatient musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Devdeep has presented at over 25 conferences internationally as well as running training courses for healthcare professionals around workplace rehabilitation. Devdeep has also published over 40 articles in various healthcare magazines and journals. Devdeep has won multiple awards from CSP, VRA and insurance industry bodies for his research and practice in rehabilitation.

Deborah Edwards

Deborah Edwards, CEO of RTW Plus and Chairman of the charity Vocational Rehabilitation Association, has been leading the development of case management services in the UK since 1994.    She has led the development of telephonic case management to enable efficient solutions for rehabilitation when access to face to face services were not indicated.  As one of the first case managers delivering rehabilitation services in the UK from minor whiplash to catastrophic injury she has refined her practice to ensure comprehensive information gathering through positive interaction with rehabilitation clients.  Deborah is helping organisations combat presenteeism and absence with innovative 'remain at work' & effective 'return to work’ programmes; delivering case management services to facilitate recovery and return to work after injury or illness via her nationwide team of case managers; and helping organisations find solutions for workforce barriers in today's work environment.

Chris Bartlett

Chris has a clinical background as a Sports Rehabilitator and has a Masters Degree in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and held senior management positions in Rehabworks, Slater Gordon / Overland Health and presently Commercial Director for Physiotherapy provider, Rehabplus Ltd. He has been at the forefront of the Physiotherapy, Case Management and Telephysio / virtual physiotherapy industries for almost 15 years. Having also held Director positions on the Boards of the Case Management Society of United Kingdom and the Vocational Rehabilitation Association for several years. Most notably he has picked up a number of industry awards including CMSUK Initiative and UK Claims Innovation award for innovation in the delivery of Telephysiotherapy and online Physiotherapy Triage.

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