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RESTORE is an innovative and ambitious pain management programme from RTW Plus designed to address the significant shortfall of pain management provision in UK.

RESTORE holistically combines technology, evidenced based behavioural science and clinical supervision to achieve successful outcomes for patients. A vital differentiating characteristic is integrating modular pain neuroscience education and behaviour modification with 1:1 specialist clinical support and 24/7 health coaching.

RESTORE provides personalised support to the patients, through a Health App supporting the 8-week programme empowering patients to take control of their pain; giving a pain team in the patient’s pocket.

The positive outcomes for patients include reduction in chronic pain and prescribed pain medicines, improved emotional well-being, sleep and quality of life

RESTORE overcomes the significant waiting times of NHS, inhibitory prices of private specialist pain management programmes delivering improved patient outcomes, ease of access and shorter treatment lifecycle through virtual services delivering significant value of money.

RESTORE is delivered remotely thereby avoiding both the clinician and patients travel and thus is environmentally friendly in the form of lower carbon emissions and also can be delivered within the current social distancing restrictions due to COVID19.

Evidence based structured pain neuroscience education benchmarked to IASP guidance

Pain neuroscience education

1:1 Virtual Clinical Sessions with a certified RESTORE Pain Professional

Data driven 24/7 live health coaching to 'nudge' behaviour change

Pain neuroscience education


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