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Is Virtual Physiotherapy Effective?

Through a plethora of research as well as outcomes from our own clinical practice, we know that virtual physiotherapy is as effective as face to face consultations. What is needed is an experienced clinician and appropriate information and training for the clients to engage

Who is it appropriate for?

Our physios are experts in managing pain, weakness or related symptoms in muscles, bones, joints, tendons and nerves. We can treat recent injuries or long standing issues using a variety of interventions and approaches focussed on improving the quality of your life and helping you regain functional ability.

Sample Video Exercise

How does it work?

At all stages of the process, we ensure that you understand and have the information to be able to enagage with your physiotherapist and complete the online exercise programme effectively to obtain the optimum benefit from the sessions. 

In order to acheive this, we have the following process in place:

1. On booking an initial appointment, one of our rehab coaches will contact you to provide details of the App and the Web interfaces from where you can remotely access your virtual physiotherapy sessions.

2. They will do a demo and work with you to ensure that the technology works smoothly. 

3. You will subsequently have a 45 minute appointment with our highly experienced physiotherapist to address your concerns and develop a treatment plan. 

4. Based on the initial assessment, the physiotherapist will provide you with your bespoke exercise programme which you can follow on the app or download as a PDF printed document. On the app, you will find high quality video demonstrations of exercises which you can follow.

Simple Booking Process

Book an assessment session with our online physiotherapist by calling us at

0203 916 0091
or use our online booking form
Online physiotherapy

Our Team

All our physiotherapists are advanced practitioners with over 10 years of clinical experience. They are fully insured, Chartered and registered with Health and Care Professions Council.

We undertake a detailed physiotherapy assessment and don't just send people away with a few exercises. The physiotherapist will take the complete history of the presenting condition and then undertake a series of physical tests such as range, strength, sensation and flexibility.

After the assessment, we will provide you with clear sense of what are the factors influencing your clinical presentation and how these can be remedied and provide a no obligation treatment plan.

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