Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomics is the scientific discipline which aims to maximise the ‘fit’ between people and their work. It is a powerful tool which, if implemented correctly, can reduce the potential for accidents, injury and ill health and maximise performance, comfort and productivity (HSE Guide, 2013). 

An Ergonomic Assessment (EA) is an evaluation of an individual’s workstation conducted by a qualified ergonomist and involves discussion and observation about how job tasks are performed. During the assessment, the ergonomist may suggest simple solutions which can be implemented immediately, whilst more complex recommendations will be included in the subsequent Ergonomic Assessment Report. 

Ergonomic Assessments can be completed on an individual level to ensure a good fit between a worker’s capabilities and limitations and their work tasks, equipment and environment. Individual Ergonomic Assessments are often completed for workers who have been injured or diagnosed with a specific health condition and require specialist advice to optimise their work environment and prevent further injury or exacerbation of their condition. 

It is also possible to conduct Ergonomic Assessments for shared workstations designed for multiple users, for example hot desks, checkout counters and office spaces. Whilst it is not always possible for employers to optimise workstations for individual workers, applying good ergonomic principles to shared workspaces, such as good lighting, furniture placement and the provision of flexible equipment can make a significant difference to worker health and productivity.  


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