Job Demands Analysis

A Job Demands Analysis (JDA) is a tool that is used to quantify the physical and psychological demands of a specific work role.  

Conducted at the workplace by one of our experienced case managers or vocational consultants, a Job Demands Analysis involves a thorough assessment of the identified work role. This may involve the assessor conducting interviews with workers, reviewing job descriptions and other relevant paperwork as well as observing and (where possible) measuring specific job tasks.   

Job Demands Analyses are commonly used to inform return to work planning for employees who have been off work with illness or injury. The objective information contained in the Job Demands Analysis Report can be used to compare an individual’s known functional capacity against the demands of the job to determine the suitability of the role and inform any reasonable adjustments required. A Job Demands Analysis can be completed for previous roles the individual is looking to return to after injury or illness, or a new role they are considering as part of a career re-direction process. 

In addition to helping individuals to return to work safely, a Job Demands Analysis is also a useful tool for employers who wish to quantify the demands of specific roles so they can implement measures to maximise the health and safety of their workforce. 


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