Vocational Assessment

Research shows that the longer someone is not working, the less likely they are to return to work (Ministerial Task Force for Health, Safety and Productivity, 2004). Furthermore, people who have been off sick for 6 months or longer have an 80% chance of being off work for 5 years (Waddell and Burton 2006).

According to Fit for Work Scotland (2016), “there is an increasing awareness that a swift and well-supported return to the workplace (and back to a normal routine) can aid a person’s full recovery and ensure their mental wellbeing”. Early intervention is therefore key.

Vocational Assessments (VA) are interview-style assessments conducted by one of our skilled vocational consultants. The nature of the interview will depend on the needs and goals of the client, but assessments will usually cover the client’s interests, abilities, aptitudes and skills for work with the aim of facilitating an early return to work with an existing or new employer.

Vocational Assessments are most useful for clients who:
  • Have been off work for an extended period with limited or no contact with their employer 
  • Have been made redundant on the grounds of incapacity
  • Need help identifying what type of work or training they could pursue
A comprehensive report containing the assessment findings and recommendations is shared with the referring party(ies) after the assessment. For clients that require ongoing support, we may recommend coordinated case management or vocational consultancy services. For complex cases, additional assessments may be required to determine the client’s functional status, job demands or optimise their work environment.


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