Vocational Consultancy

Services Helping People Retain Or Return To Work

There is strong evidence that good work (The Good Work Commission) has a positive impact on health and wellbeing, reduces recovery timesimproves long-term health and happiness and increases life expectancy (Waddell & Burton, 2006). RTW Plus offers Vocational Consultancy services to individuals and employers to facilitate job retention or career redirection and optimise employee engagement and productivity. 

Vocational Assessments


Vocational Assessment

Vocational Assessments are in-depth interviews conducted by one of our experienced vocational consultants. The aim of a Vocational Assessment (VA) is to understand an individual’s current vocational situation in order to enable them to remain in, or return to, work after injury or illness.

Each assessment is tailored to the individual’s unique circumstances, but is likely to include an evaluation of their qualifications, previous work history, transferable skills and a review of the local labour market. The referrer is provided with a detailed report outlining the assessment findings and fully costed recommendations.

Job Demands Analysis (JDA)

A Job Demands Analysis (JDA) is a systematic assessment occurring at the workplace used to quantify and evaluate the physical, psychosocial and environmental components of a job, including both the essential and non-essential tasks.

The detailed report outlines the demands of the specific job role, which can then be matched to a worker’s individual capabilities to determine their fitness for work, identify reasonable adjustments and facilitate the development of graded return to work plans.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an objective assessment which uses a set of standardised tests in combination with observation and clinical reasoning to determine an individual’s physical capability and ability to perform specific tasks.

The comprehensive report clearly defines the functional capabilities of the worker. This information is often used in conjunction with a Job Demands Analysis (JDA) to determine an individual’s fitness for work, identify strategies to enable them to remain in work or plan for a successful return to work.

Ergonomic Assessment (EA)

The Ergonomic Assessment (EA) is designed to help optimise working environments by maximising the comfort and productivity of workers and helping to prevent and/or manage illness or injury.

The assessment consists of an objective evaluation of an individual’s job, their work environment and how they perform the role. The assessment report includes any areas of concern and makes recommendations to minimise risk and facilitate optimal performance in the workplace.


Vocational Consultancy Services

Vocational Consultancy

Vocational Rehabilitation

All our vocational consultants have greater than 10 years’ experience of helping individuals to remain in, or return to work or productive activity after illness or injury.
They work collaboratively with the individual, their employer and other stakeholders and support them to achieve their vocational goals. The support required will vary from person-to-person and may range from the development and implementation of graded return to work plans and/or reasonable adjustments to career redirection including job searching, CV design and interview support.

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