Vocational Rehabilitation

Sickness absence is costly. 
  • The estimated cost of sickness absence to the UK economy is estimated at £15 billion per year (government figures) 
  • Employers are estimated to spend £9 billion per year in sick pay and associated costs (Black & Frost, 2011) 
  • People who have to stop working often face negative health, economic and social consequences from being unemployed (Black & Frost, 2011) 
  • Day-to-day living costs are 25% higher for people with a disability than for non-disabled people (Papworth Trust, 2012). 
Conversely, there is strong evidence that ‘good work’ (The Good Work Commission) impacts positively on physical and mental health and wellbeing (Black, 2012) and being in employment has financial and psychosocial benefits for people with mental health conditions (Sainsbury et al. 2008). 

Vocational rehabilitation is “whatever helps someone with a health problem to stay at, return to and remain in work”; it is an idea and an approach as much as an intervention or a service (Waddell, Burton & Kendal, 2008).  

At RTW Plus, our skilled vocational consultants provide injured clients with vocational rehabilitation services that are tailored to their individual needs.  

This may involve: 
  • Working with an employer to design and implement a graded return to work plan or negotiate reasonable adjustments 
  • Assessing an individual’s aptitude for a certain role, including their physical and cognitive skills, personality, interests and other transferable skills 
  • Helping individuals to find work, which may include helping them with job seeking, CV development and/or interview skills  
  • Working with an individual to identify a new vocational pathway, which may include retraining 
Vocational consultancy can be provided on its own or in conjunction with our case management services. 


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