Commitment to achieving Net Zero

RTW Plus is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. 

Emission reduction targets

We have had no previous emissions reduction commitment.

We have embarked upon a process to evaluate our year on year carbon emissions through calculation of our fuel and energy consumption.

We project that our carbon emissions will decrease year on year and the projection is to reach Net Zero by 2050. 

It is envisaged that carbon offsetting or technology such as carbon capture and storage will be deployed to achieve the difference between actual and net zero carbon.

Carbon reduction projects completed or in progress include:

  • Interim target to halve emissions by 2035. 
  • Move to agile working that has resulted in significant reduction of business travel, specially commuting. 
  • Reduced dependency on office space due to agile working
  • Introduction of ‘virtual first’ approach to consultations and treatment services (where possible). 
  • Move to fully virtual model for business meetings. 
  • Completed a Sustainability Opportunity assessment which helped us to build our corporate sustainability strategy.  

Future measures planned:

  • Ongoing process optimisation with interventions to reduce fuel and energy consumption. 
  • Continue to enhance and develop our digital and virtual capabilities to reduce business related travel and carbon footprint. 
  • Working towards ISO:14001 implementation that will result in certification in Q1 of 2025. 
  • Evaluation of supplier procurement for products and services with focus on reduction of plastics and paper. 
  • Use of 100% renewable energy by 2040. 
  • Switch to 100% paperless office work. 
  • Use of low carbon substitutes where possible. 
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting of our carbon emissions. 


The Carbon Reduction plan has been reviewed and signed off by the Board of Directors.