RTW + ConneXions featured in media

Neurorehab times recently featured an article about RTW + ConneXions.

Rehabilitation services business RTW Plus has launched a national network of specialist neurorehab providers to bring together best practice from across the UK and Ireland. 

The RTW + ConneXions network unites services including neurophysiotherapy, occupational therapy and neuropsychology, with a view to building collaborative partnerships which will benefit clients. 

With significant backlogs in community rehabilitation resources for many clients nationally, RTW Plus said it has created the network to help further develop the best practice which people will need more than ever in their ongoing recovery. 

The network already contains a number of members from across the UK and Ireland working in specialist neurorehab fields, with businesses and practitioners able to apply to join. 

RTW + ConneXions is the first network of its kind to unite professionals around a case management company, which the business said will enable it to put the rehab needs of its client centre stage. 

“We’ve been working in case management for over ten years now, and while there are a lot of generic networks, we saw the need to create one which brings together MDT clinicians with specialist skills for the benefit of our clients,” says Dr Devdeep Ahuja, clinical director of RTW Plus

“There is the need to bring this resource together in the very serious and catastrophic injury area in which we work – you cannot refer this work to a general physio, they have to have specialism. We want to offer the very best to our clients to maximise their rehab potential, and this seemed a good step to take in doing that.” 

Dr Ahuja said the network would be kept small and select, but quality would be the focus. 

“There are many networks out there, but our ambition is not to have 3,000 members and to do everything – we want to bring together the top specialist providers so we can collectively offer the best service,” he says. 

“It is absolutely not about the race to the bottom in terms of prices, the focus is not on cost, it’s on outcomes. You pay for the value of an intervention, that is always what is important in the MDTs we co-ordinate. 

“We are open to new members and welcome anyone who shares our focus on the highest standards, although the network will remain small and contain only the providers who can show they deliver high quality work.”

Full article is here