Corporate Health & Wellbeing Services

Employers and employees alike benefit from health and wellbeing programmes to reduce absence and provide early and targeted support to facilitate recovery and return to work when health issues arise.  RTW Plus provide bespoke approaches with small to medium size organisations to address employee wellness whilst keeping cost down and employees fit.

Health & Wellbeing Services

Organisational Wellbeing Assessment

At RTW Plus we understand the relationship between work and health. A healthy workforce is a productive, happy workforce. Our Organisational Wellbeing Review helps establish the baseline understanding of the workplace health and wellbeing status, company culture and challenges which need to be overcome to develop a engaged, motivated and healthy workforce. 

This consultative work helps identify management challenges and opportunities to support health and wellbeing as well as undertaking an employee perspective to workplace engagement. 

Employee Health & Wellbeing Assessments

Our corporate health and wellbeing assessments utilise a systems approach to identify key health and fitness concerns which may impact on employee well-being , engagement and productivity. This is usually undertaken at the point of recruitment as well as ongoing yearly update assessments.

Based on the risk factors identified, we provide self-management education, advice and guidance to the employees.

Specialist Assessments

For individual employees who present with concerns in any specific areas of sleep, stress, nutrition, physical activity and musculoskeletal health, our specialist health consultants undertake detailed assessments. These assessments are based on specific evidence based pathways and outcomes. 

Based on the assessment results, specific interventions may be recommended or the employee may be directed to appropriate resources. Usually it doesn’t involve expensive interventions, just some common sense modifications and education. 

Occupational Rehabilitation Services

Occupational Rehabilitation Services

Occupational rehabilitation is the science and practices of returning injured workers to a level of work activity that is appropriate to their functional and cognitive capacity.

At RTW Plus, we are passionate about good work (The Good Work Commission) and the positive impact this is known to have on health and wellbeing. Our specialist case managers and vocational consultants are experts in helping companies to improve absence management, job retention and return-to-work outcomes.

Treatment & Diagnostic Services

RTW Plus have a national network of diagnostic and physical, psychological and medical treatment services. This extensive network of service providers includes physiotherapists, psychologists and other specialist treatment and diagnostic suppliers and is available to employers, private companies, statutory organisations and employers.

Health Coaching

The RTW Plus health coaching service is a personal support programme which enables individuals to improve their health and health behaviours. We understand that making lifestyle changes can be difficult. We also know that small changes are the key to changing unhealthy behaviours to achieve long lasting effects.

The programme provides a series of one-to-one coaching sessions, which take place over several months.